Red Rover’s Bathroom


Oxygenics Shower HeadShower Head.  The Oxygenics shower head provides a pressurized stream using little water, and thus is in demand for RVs.


Our Oxygenics shower head did not have a shut off valve (I believe the new ones do), so we added one from a plumbing supply house.  Some shut off valves allow the shower head to drip (to maintain the temperature).  We found a complete shut off (on the second try).











Shower Curtain.  We threw out the stiff vinyl shower curtain.  In its place we used one and a half nylon shower curtain sewn together. Nylon dries quickly and thus avoids mildew.  It is held closed by Velcro closures attached to its ends.  Someone suggested sewing in a zipper closure – might have to try that.  Also extra width shower curtains are available online – so sewing two together is not really necessary. We noticed that when the Fantastic Vent fan was blowing out, it sucked the wet shower curtain against you, making showering impossible. Fantastic Vent sold us a ceiling fan reversing kit. When taking a shower you set the fan to suck air into the shower thus blowing the curtain outward away from your body and drying you off at the same time.  We use a 12” plastic folding stool to sit upon when shaving legs.  Alternatively, sit on the toilet to shave legs first, then stand up and pull the curtain closed for the rest of the shower.



Covering CarpetCarpet Water Protectors.  On our Roadtrek the floor carpet covers the lip of the lowed floor and gets wet when you shower.  We solved that problem by buying a rubber bath mat and cutting it into pieces to unroll and shield the floor carpet from water spray. Store the bathmat pieces beneath the toilet sub-floor.


Note: The wood-look interlocking foam flooring (see Kitchen page) is taken up before showering.










SqueegeeDrain Squeegee.  All the water from the shower won’t enter the floor drain and may run to the front if parked with the rear slightly high.  We bought a shower squeegee to blade the left over floor water into the drain.  Then the floor will dry in minutes.


We store the squeegee beside the towels above the toilet.


Note the grommet visible on the bath towel.  Placing a grommet along the middle edge of the towel allows hanging the bath towel securely on hooks in the Roadtrek or in campground restrooms.  We put grommets on all the towels and washcloths in Red Rover.










Taking a Shower.  Some Roadtrekers say they never use the shower. Why not? The procedure is easy. Take up any floor covering so you are standing on the fiberglass pan. Place the rubber mat protectors on the exposed carpet lips. Draw the shower curtain around you. Aim the shower head into the drain and adjust the water to the desired temperature (or use a water heater thermometer and shut off the heater at your desired temperature). Spray yourself all over.  Shut off the water and apply shampoo and soap. Turn on the water and rinse off. This shower method uses only a couple of quarts of fresh water.  And the vent fan downdraft will make drying a cinch.  We find we can get about four showers and four days use out of the gray tank.  And four days from the black tank.  That means every-other-day showers and four days between dumping tanks.



Happy CamperToilet Chemical for Black Tank.  A lot of Roadtrek owners swore by Happy Camper, so we tried it and it works quite well.  Find it on Google.  It is a long lasting white powder – 1/3 of a scoop treats the black tank leaving the tank odor free. Many products are sold to de-odorize black tanks, but Happy Camper is the best we have found.


We have the large size as well as the small size container.  We carry the small container and refill as needed from the larger container.  They also offer a tank cleaner that we intend to try sometime.


After dumping add a gallon of water and a 1/3 of a scoop of Happy Camper.





Laundry Bag ride in BathroomLaundry Basket Use and Storage.  Walmart sells a pop up mesh laundry basket that folds into a flat disc. We put dirty clothes in it and store it on top of the toilet when traveling. When we are camped it sits in the passenger foot well behind the rotated passenger seat.  There it is easy to reach and completely out of sight.  When not in use it is folded and stored with the towels on the shelf above the toilet.













Towel StorageTowel and Washcloth Storage. We put brass grommets in all our RV towels and washcloths.  They hang on all kinds of hooks easily. They are stored clean and folded on the shelf above the stool.  After being greeted by an avalanche of towels on several occasions when we opened the bathroom door, we bought a motorcycle cargo net from Harbor Freight and two expanding refrigerator rods sold at RV stores.  The rods anchor the net top and bottom, and the net keeps the towels in place. 


We have two regular bath towels, but we also carry various sizes of compact camping towels.  They do a fine job, but are not as pleasant to use as regular towels.  The camp towels also do a good job wiping the wet feet of dogs back from a morning walk.








ToiletriesToiletries Storage.  Shampoo, soap, hair brush, comb, nail clippers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, sealable baggies, shaving stuff, Wet Ones, and other small toiletries are stored in shoe pockets. We trimmed two sets of pockets to fit and screwed them to the inside of the bathroom door.


Toilet Use.  We NEVER flush toilet paper into the black tank. Our friends who have owned two Roadtreks insisted this was important, so we followed their example.  This is because TP sticks to the sensors and can create a hard to remove tower in the bottom of the tank.  Plus should you have a macerator there can be additional troubles. Used toilet paper and Wet Ones are inserted into a zip lock sandwich bag and thrown out.  If you anticipate depositing a fairly big load of feces into the toilet bowl, run about 4” of water in first to avoid clogs. Stained bowls should be wiped clean immediately and the TP placed in the zip lock bag.








Bath Door Locked ClosedBath Door Locked OpenHook and Eye.  Adding a hook and two eyelets will allow you to lock the bathroom door closed for traveling or completely open for use as a privacy screen.  If the Roadtrek is not level the door may not want to stay in the open configuration.









Bathroom Swivel MirrorLED Bathroom LightsBathroom Mirror and Light.  Sometimes you really need a lot of light and a good mirror.  We added this Jensen 6 inch mirror on an arm that has a normal mirror and a 5X on the other side.  And we added a loop of LED strip lights in warm white under the bathroom shelf.

The sturdy mirror folders flat against the wall.





Shower Head Holder.  Some roadtreks came with a bracket to hold the shower head in a good location for showers.  Ours did not have such a bracket.  We decided that even if you always use the shower as hand held, it would be nice to have a bracket to stick it into.