Setting Up the Front Bed in a Roadtrek


This describes how to set up the front bed (or beds) in Roadtreks that do not require a separate mattress.  These photos are from a 1995 Popular (one front bed) so it may be slightly different in your Roadtrek.  The front bed is rather short and narrow and is best used by kids or smaller adults.



RT Third Seat Bed03

Step 1:  Remove the headrest from the bathroom wall.














RT Third Seat Bed04


Step 2:  Slide the seat back upward to remove from the rail.



















Here the seat back has been removed and you can see the track the bracket slides into.

















RT Third Seat Bed06

Step 3:  Swivel the front seat to face the door.  You will probably have to tip the seat back forward and you may have to change the fore/aft seat position to rotate it.
















RT Third Seat Bed08


Step 4:  Lift up the seat bottom cushion slightly at the front (to clear the cleat that keeps it from moving accidentally) and slide it forward.


Note:  Some Roadtreks have a drawer under the seat base that is pulled forward to support the cushion.











RT Third Seat Bed09


The seat bottom should now be snug up against the front seat.  You can move the front seat forward or back on its rails to improve alignment if needed.

















RT Third Seat Bed13

Step 5:  Now take the seat back and place the bottom edge against the seat bottom and tip the top back against the wall.















RT Third Seat Bed21


Step 6:  Now push down on the top of the seat back, sliding it down the wall until it rests on the hinged wood block.














RT Third Seat Bed24

The bed is now fully assembled.  Taller sleepers will have their feet hanging over the edge of the front seat.