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Part 1 Draining Tanks

Part 2 Water Heater Bypass

Part 3 Antifreeze

Part 4 Black & gray tanks


Awnings and screen rooms

Getting the most from your awning

Make your own extra window awnings

Pop up screen room fits under awning


Boondocking & Solar

Minimal Solar System

Solar Revisited

Boondocking on one battery

Boondocking in the heat


Table Mods

Egg shaped table for front or back

Modified rear table



Kitchen lighting

LED lights

Outside lighting


Kitchen & Cooking & Entertaining

Cooking tips for a Class B

Cleaning up after cooking

Defrosting the fridge

Corralling the sponges

Kitchen lighting

Drinking water

Entertaining in a Class B


Weather Extremes

Winter camping

Keeping cool fun with Reflectix

Keeping cool - fans

Keeping cool - awnings

Boondocking in the heat


Power, Batteries & Charging

Power Usage & Battery Monitor

Jump Starters

Magnetek Converter Upgrade

Charging your electronics

Onan Check oil level

Onan Runs but no power

Tale of odd electrical problem


Curtains & Screens

Rescreen your windows

Curtain repair replacing glide tape


Bikes & Kayaks

Carrying bikes

Carrying motorcycle & bikes

Inflatable kayak


Misc Mods & Improvements

8 Easy Tips & Ideas

8 More Easy Tips & Ideas

Bathroom Improvements

Perfect water temperature

Exterior Storage Organization

Furnace & water heater lights

Louder turn signals

A mini office for your Class B

Rebuilding your front seats

Repainting your Class B

Refinishing wood cabinets

Magnetic map of travels

Carrying zero gravity chairs

Illusion of space the magic of mirrors

Borrowed space


A Class B for every budget