Lighting the Dometic 2310 Fridge


The Dometic 2310 is a three way (propane, 120 volt, 12 volt) refrigerator that was used for many years in Roadtreks.  One of its nicest features is that it requires no 12 volt power to run on propane (which is not true of the current models).  Still having a working fridge when your house battery has gone kaput is a good thing.  The worst feature of the 2310 is the bottom controls.  Newer Dometics can be started while standing up!



Fridge ControlsThe 2310 does not have electronic ignition.  You need to light the fridge manually. 


It is wise to make sure you have propane before you attempt to light the fridge – it will save you a lot of frustration!




Step 1:  Make sure propane is turned on at the tank.  Light the stove to make sure you have gas in the lines (it takes some time to purge the air from the lines).  Now you know you have propane available.


Step2:  Turn the mode selection knob to GAS.  Notice there is more than one OFF position.


Step 3: Push in the manual gas on button and hold it in.  Do not release the button until you have a steady flame (usually 10 or 15 seconds, but it doesn’t hurt to hold longer).  The gas button opens the gas line, once the thermocouple in the flame heats up it will keep the gas line open (and will close it if the flame goes out).


Step 4: Push in the Igniter button (it will click) multiple times.  You will see a flash in the sight window.  It will first be yellow, but then will settle down to a silvery color.  The sight window is the end of a plexiglass rod that goes to the burner box on the rear of the fridge.  You are seeing a dim view of the burner flame.  The initial flash will be obvious and yellow, but it should change to a blue flame, which appears rather silver in the window.  Although this is easy to see at night, it is rather difficult at first during the day.  If the window is black, there is no flame.  If it is not black, there is a flame. 



Fridge Parts 3If you have any doubts that the fridge is running you can open the outside fridge access door and see if the burner box and flue are warm.  The burner box and the flue are at the right side of the access compartment.


Note:  Cooling is a slow process on a gas absorption fridge.  If at all possible start the fridge on electric (LEC) or propane (GAS) 24 hours before you need to leave.  Always put in pre-cooled food & drink.  We usually freeze 6-7 water bottles and place on the bottom shelf.  They thaw slowly and help keep the fridge cool.











Warning Tags

We find ourselves forgetting to change the power source for the fridge when traveling.  Using reminder tags like these in a spot where you have to remove them to drive any is a good reminder.